Work-related social insurance contributions in Finland

As a rule, the following insurance contributions shall be paid on wages and salaries:

  • Pension insurance contribution
  • Occupational accident and disease insurance contribution
  • Group life insurance contributions
  • Unemployment insurance contribution
  • Social and health insurance contribution

In Finland the private-sector insurance companies play a significant role in managing statutory earnings-related social insurances. Thus, they take care of mandatory pension insurance contributions, of the occupational accident and disease insurance contribution, as well as of  the group life insurance contributions. The unemployment insurance contribution shall, instead, be paid to the Employment Fund (an organization established by law and managed by the labor market parties).  The employer’s health insurance and the employee’s health insurance are managed by the Tax Administration.  

Both the employer and the employee pay for the social security. The employer withholds the employee’s share (if any) of the contribution in connection with paying out the wage or salary.

Social insurance contributions in 2024

Employer’s contributions

Pension insurance contribution (in average) 17.34%
Unemployment insurance contribution
– Of payroll which is no more than 2 337 000 EUR 0.27%
– Of part of payroll which exceeds 2 337 000 EUR 1.09%
Health insurance contribution 1.16%
Accident insurance contribution
– Depends on the risk level of the work
Group life insurance contribution 0.06 %

Employee’s contributions

Pension insurance contribution
– Employees under 53 years: 7.15%
– Employees 53-62 years: 8.65%
– Employees +63 years: 7.15%
Unemployment contribution 0.79%
Health care contribution 0.51%
Daily allowance contribution 1.01%