Tax services

Employee taxation

Our comprehensive understanding of personal income taxation and international taxation makes for an excellent foundation for helping our clients with employee tax matters. As specialists in global mobility, we have the ability to make an overall assessment of the employee’s taxpayer status in their home country and their country of employment. We also have a clear understanding of how this relates to the employee’s overall tax burden and how different tax planning strategies can result in tax savings.

Ideally, we go through the employee’s tax matters in advance with the employer. It is important to note that taxation of fringe benefits and incentive schemes vary from country to country. Salary earned abroad may also, under certain conditions, be exempt from taxes in the home country. It is also noteworthy that many countries have special tax regimes for foreign employees.

We advise Finnish enterprises in all tax and social security matters related to both employing people from other countries and posting their employees abroad. Similarly, we assist foreign enterprises in employing people from Finland or posting their employees to Finland. We are also well-informed in matters related to employees working remotely in foreign countries.

We prepare different types of tax calculations according to the needs of the client. We also draft tax declarations, applications and other documents for filing to Finnish authorities.

We advise our clients in managing their obligations related to tax withholding and social insurance contributions and assist them with the related reporting obligations.

Corporate income taxation

We assist foreign corporate entities in fulfilling their tax duties in Finland and planning their taxation efficiently within the confines of the law.

When a foreign company launches its operations in Finland, it is essential to examine their tax liability in Finland. In most cases, a permanent establishment (PE) analysis is required to consider all essential facts. It may also be advisable to contact tax authorities for arranging a pre-emptive discussion.    

As regards to fulfilling their actual corporate income tax obligations, we assist our clients with preparing and filing tax returns as well as drafting applications and appeals to tax authorities and courts.

We also assist with tax planning and advise on what to consider in intra-corporate or intra-group transactions, particularly related to transfer pricing documentation.


We analyse whether our clients can be regarded as having permanent establishment (PE) for VAT purposes. We also assist our clients in taking care of their VAT filing obligations.