Finnish Employment Contract


The Finnish Employment Contract should include at least the following:

1) the domicile or business location of the employer and the employee
2) the date of commencement of the work
3) date or estimated date of termination of a fixed-term contract and the justification for specifying a fixed term
4) the trial period
5) the place where the work shall be performed or if the employee has no primary fixed workplace, an explanation of the principles according to which the employee shall work in various work locations
6) the employee’s principal duties
7) the grounds for the determination of pay and other remuneration, and the pay period
8) the working hours
9) for employees observing variable working hours:
a) in which situations and to what extent the employer needs labour
b) days and times when the employer may demand the employee to work without a separate consent from the employee according to the Working Hours Act
10) for temporary agency work:
a) name and establishment of the user company (if known)
b) details on the reason for and duration or estimated duration of the user company’s order, based on the customer contract forming the basis for the fixed-term employment contract
c) estimate of the other work tasks corresponding to those agreed on in the fixed-term agency worker’s employment contract that are on offer in the company employing the agency worker
11) any right to training provided by the employer based on the law, agreement or practice
12) the manner of determining annual holiday
13) the period of notice or the basis for for determining it
14) the collective agreement applicable to the work (if any)
15) the insurance institutions where the employer has arranged the employee’s pension cover and insured the employee for occupational accidents and occupational diseases