2023 Income Tax Returns

Pre-completed tax return for individuals

The individual taxpayers will receive a pre-completed tax return in March or April. Most taxpayers will receive the 2023 tax decision along with the pre-completed tax return. Otherwise, the pre-completed tax return only includes a preliminary tax calculation based on the information that was available. 

Whether the pre-completed tax return includes the tax decision or not, you must in any case check the information and amounts that affect your taxation, and report any necessary corrections to the Tax Administration.

The deadline for corrections is 7 May, 14 May or 21 May 2024. You can see the deadline date on your tax return.

The tax decision contains the following:

  • outcome of the tax assessment
  • amount and payment date of the tax refund (if any)
  • amount and due dates of the back taxes (if any)
  • end date of the tax assessment 

Corporate income tax return

The income tax return of limited liability companies shall be submitted within 4 months after the end of the accounting period. The financial statement information shall also be filed.